Rainy Day

April 11, 2009 at 8:51 pm Leave a comment

This morning was gross! Cold, rainy, and not very good for running errands – but a good morning for a nice, hot breakfast :). I don’t usually cook eggs, but this morning wanted an egg white omelet. Unfortunately, I haven’t made one in a while and ended up making an “inside-out” omelet where the spinach and feta I meant to put inside the omelet, didn’t quite make it there! I also mixed chopped red peppers into the egg whites while they cooked.


Inside-out egg white omelet with red pepper, spinach, and feta; toasted whole wheat bread with raspberry preserves, Caribou Caribou Blend coffee.


Close-up of my omelet – I put the feta on top and then folded it again into quarters.

 After breakfast, lots of cleaning went on around here. I’m hosting 6 people for Easter, even though our kitchen table only fits 4! My parents are bringing over an extra small table and chairs and I’ll just have to keep everyone in the living room until it’s time to eat! Can’t wait until we have a house (currently in a 1 BR apt).

 Anyways, after breakfast I got up the motivation to go to the gym. Did my strength workout (see previous post) and thought about going for a run outside but the weather still hadn’t let up. Of course by now it has, but I’ve already showered and dried my hair :P.

 Lunch was a quick one, some Progresso Lentil Soup and a half grilled cheese (cheddar on Oatnut Bread). I also tried some Trader Joe’s Unsweetened Green Tea with Mint – love it! I love unsweetened green tea, and the addition of mint gives a great flavor. This will definitely live on my grocery list this summer!

IMG_4717IMG_4720     IMG_4716


I still have more prep for tomorrow’s dinner to do, including making Pate Sucree and Pastry Cream for a Fruit Tart – look for those pics later today!




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