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I had previously used the Omron HJ-112, but after 3 years, the clip became weak and it fell out of my pocket one day. Looking for a replacement, I decided to upgrade to the Omron HJ-720. A lot of the basic features are the same – steps, aerobic steps, calories, distance, 7-day history – but with the 720 you get a computer program that you can upload your information onto to review your activity.


omron screen shot (Online screenshot, not my data)

The computer program is very easy to use, and makes it fun to analyze the data. You can review how many steps you walked each day, as well as a breakdown by hour. Makes it fun to see where you need to improve and what you can do to reach your goal. For instance, my graphs are usually pretty low for steps during my lunch hour, so when the weather is nice I’m going to try to go for a walk outside before having lunch. Overall, a fun option for only a few $$ more. When I bought it on amazon, it was about $28. Definitely recommend it.

Rating: * * * * out of 5


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